Address Signs for FD34 Residents

Can we find you in an emergency? Help us find you with a reflective address sign!

Would emergency responders be able to find you if you needed help? In an emergency, every second counts, and there is no better way to help us out than to have your address clearly marked. Don’t wait for an emergency to discover that your address is not visible from the street.

King County Fire District 34 can make you a personalized reflective address sign to ensure that your address is visible from the street. Order your free sign today.

Horizontal or vertical signs are available.

  • Posts do not come with signs
  • Resident is responsible to mount or install sign.

Order your sign now or check your address availability!

(For Fire District residents only-the KCFD34 Commissioners have only been able to secure funding for FD34 residents.  If you do not live in FD34, you can contact your local fire station for address sign program availability.)