District 34 Residents-Rural Fire Safety Tips

Wildfires do not respect property lines! Share this information with your neighbors and consider creating a neighborhood wildfire prevention and evacuation plan.
Firefighters need your help. Beware of accidentally starting a wildfire!
Survivable Space.  This area surrounds your home for at least 30 feet, reducing fuels and providing space for fire fighting equipment.
Plants should be carefully spaced and fire resistant.

Zone 2  In the next 20 feet keep trees 10 feet apart. For trees taller than 18 feet, prune lower branches within 10 feet of the ground.
Zone 3 In the next 50 feet thin trees to a spacing that leaves plenty of room for canopy growth. Remove highly flammable vegetation such as
dead or dying trees and shrubs.
Zone 4 This zone is furthest from structures. Thin selectively to maintain healthy tree growth.

Follow this link for more information on rural home safety. http://www.kingcounty.gov/~/media/property/FireMarshal/documents/FirewiseBrochure.ashx?la=en