Partnering With Redmond

King County Fire Protection District 34 (the District) was formed in 1948.  In the early days, the City of Redmond contracted with District 34 for fire and medical protection of its property and citizens.  Today the reverse is true, with the City of Redmond providing the personnel and equipment to protect the district’s area under a six-year agreement.  The current contract extends through 2022.  The Fire Commissioners’ commitment to providing quality and timely services has been their long standing goal.  This commitment and relationship with the City of Redmond ensures this partnership continues to be one of the leading service providers in the region.

The District is governed by a three-member board of elected officials who represent the people on fire and emergency medical services in unincorporated King County.  The District serves approximately 23,000 residents and numerous commercial properties in a 28 square mile area, located mainly east of the Redmond City limits.  Currently, Fire District 34 contracts with the City of Redmond to staff three stations located in the District. The City of Redmond also staffs four stations within its jurisdiction.  All stations are staffed with career firefighters who respond with an engine, aid car or both.

The Redmond Fire Department provides a wide variety of services to the community including:

  • fire protection
  • emergency medical services at two levels—Basic Life Support (BLS) via firefighter/emergency medical technicians and Advanced Life Support (ALS) via firefighter/paramedics—as funded by the King County Medic One Levy.
  • pre-fire planning inspections for commercial occupancy
  • auto extrication
  • confined space
  • trench collapse
  • rope and water rescue
  • hazardous material incident response